Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Teeny Tour: What I Ate

While on tour with Represent! through Iowa, Nebraska, and Colorado for a little over a week, I got to eat all kinds of new things. I, of course, documented everything I tried! There are so many things I want to have in Minneapolis: Waffle House, Sonic (although one did just open in Bloomington while I was away), Goodtimes, & Wahoo's. Keep in mind that I was being paid $5 a day for food so I was looking for the cheapest stuff possible.

First stop: Sonic, Cedar Rapids, IA

Strawberry Cream Pie Shake

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (I ordered a wrap but this looked appetizing enough)

Jared's dollar sausage breakfast burrito

2nd Stop: Taco Bell, Des Moines, IA

Vegetarian 7-Layer Burrito

3rd Stop: Lisa & Kristy's apartment (my home for 3 days)

Veggie Sandwich made especially for my by Kristy

4th Stop: Taste of India, some mall in Omaha, NE

Some chicken dish + basmati rice + some naan made fresh right in front of me

5th Stop: Sonic, Omaha, NE

Blue coconut slush + grilled chicken wrap (no ranch!)

6th Stop: Microtel Inn's Continental Breakfast, Lincoln, NE

Cheerio from a bowl I snagged, plus 2 donuts and cranberry juice

7th Stop: Smashburger, Denver, CO

Create-Your-Own Burger of cheddar cheese, classic bun, smash sauce, leaf lettuce, red onion, & tomato, plus veggie frites

8th Stop: Goodtimes, Colorado Springs, CO

Teriyaki chicken sandwich with pineapple, mozzarella, and lettuce, plus a raspberry/strawberry custard Spoonbender. COME TO MINNEAPOLIS!!

9th Stop: The Loft (venue), Colorado Springs, CO

Homemade chocolate cake, plus spaghetti with sauce & bread, provided by the venue.

10th Stop: Wahoo's Fish Tacos, Colorado Springs, CO/Baskin Robbins

Chargrilled fish taco with black beans & ahi rice. Another place that needs to find a home in Minneapolis.

Nutty coconut ice cream on a sugar cone. And 5 minutes later...

88 cent soft serve on a cake cone.

11th Stop: Waffle House, Colorado Springs, CO (I was here for 3 days, by the way)

Chocolate chip waffle, 2 eggs fried, biscuit & jam, & hashbrowns. I miss Waffle House from the South.

12th Stop: Taco Bell, York, NE (on the way home)

89 cent grilled chicken burrito... a great value for the money! Gotta love it after almost 24 hours without eating anything but a few apples.

I didn't eat TOO poorly, but I do wish I had gotten more fresh fruits & veggies in. It's hard to do when you've only got so much to spend!

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