Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hubert H Humphrey Terminal

I am sitting here with Aaron Joseph Knickerbocker, only minutes from boarding. Airport food isn't too expensive, and we've managed to waste a lot of time without getting too bored. It was a little traumatic when I forgot that Aaron's bag has my brand new sunscreen in it, causing us to forfeit it because it was over 3 oz :( I'm also kinda bummed that internet costs extra here, but at least I can blog on mah skizzle.

I am finally as excited as I should be. I woke up to like 3 inches of snow on my driveway and I can't wait to be leaving that behind. Some of these kids are already wearing mini skirts. I had tons of time to just chill this morning without rushing to get things packed and ready. I don't think I forgot anything even!

I feel like I've already worn half of my outfits that I packed because I forgot I'd be spending 4 nights at home before I left. Luckily I brought home some laundry and had a couple pairs of jeans packed so they've kept me well. I also own TONZ of band shirts so I've been repping JamisonParker and Blink 182 as of late, hahaha.

Well, we're about to board and head off to a land of sunny skies. I'll keep you updated, maybe. Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom, aka the place where a baby giraffe and a baby zebra were just born! Wish me luck with the sun - it's a fickle friend of mine. Peace.

Monday, March 17, 2008


It is St. Patrick's Day, the day of GREEN, my 2nd favorite color. I have a personal preference for seeing boys in kelly green, so this is my favorite day of the year. When I missed school on the day where my entire class was supposed to wear green, I got several concerned phone calls that I was dead or in the hospital. HOWEVER, this love of green applies to the landscape. Now, what did I see when I opened my window to gauge what time it was? WHITE FUCKING SNOW ASLKDJFWOIEJFALSKDLKJLSAKDLKFLKJFDALKASFDLKFSALKJFDSAKJFADKJALKASOIFUWEOIFJSFX,N,MVN. I can't even handle it. I had to go back to bed to cure my sadness. I also found this video to cheer me up:

It worked a little bit. But now it is snowing even harder and if this delays my flight to Florida tomorrow...................... SOMEONE WILL DIE. I also hate driving in snow. Despite getting brand new tires over break, it still makes me very uncomfortable. I have to return a bikini and pick up a prescription!!!!! And pick up Aaron, wherever he may be.

Speaking of Simba, I drove up to Hugo (the only way his parents could live in a farther away suburb is if I lived in like New Prague or Burnsville) to eat dinner with his mom and sister and grandparents. I ate veggie tacos and then we went to see Vantage Point. I thought it was gonna r00l, which it did for some parts. But it ended way too early and didn't give enough back story. There were only 3 other people in the theater besides us, proving that White Bear Lake is full of old people that stay in on the weekends. Well, I guess it was a 9:25 movie on a Sunday night, when I'm guessing that WBL kids have school the next day. Whatever. Point being, get Vantage Point on Netflix or find it online, but don't pay money to see it now.

Pet Peeve of the Day: My house. I have a cat and a dog and I am allergic to both. When I'm in my dorm I have no exposure to pet dander or drool or fur so I'm perfectly fine. I was perfectly fine when I lived here full time. Now when I come back, though, I die every time. I have to spend as little time in my house as possible because I can't breathe after about 3 hours, which is starting to happen now. My eyes get all red and irritated and my skin starts to itch all over :( That's the only thing I'm worried about when getting a bunny. Nacho must be well-groomed and it'll take a while for me to get used to his fur being around, so I hope I can do it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I love sushi. This is a well-known fact because I talk about how I'm in the mood for it all the time. Tonight I got Jordan, Franny, and Mitch to accompany me to Little Sushi on the Prairie and it was a good time :) I got all kinds of good things (philly rolls, maguro, spicy tuna rolls, and dynamite rolls), but I didn't like how it was closer to room temperature than fridge temp, which is what I like it at. Regardless, I'd say the amount of sushi I got was worth the $19 I spent total. And I got to eat some tasty veggie tempura :D I'm kind of interested in waitressing at a sushi bar for the summer now. Free tastiness, good tips, casual atmosphere.

We ended up going XTREME BOWLING (read: bowling with blacklights and loud cock rock) and playing 4 games. I suck harddd at bowling, especially since all the balls are made for righties with little thumbs. My high score of the night was 61, hahaha. I at least had a good time, despite the dumb bitch in the group next to us who kept taking the ball I was using right as I needed it. And bowling at the same time as everyone in my group. And my bleeding, swollen thumb after 9 frames. Whatevs. What I like about the people I went with is that we don't get out of hand easily when we're together. It was fun, but no one was bouncing off the walls or being obnoxious. A good combo that I'll have to remember.

So if you want to be my really good friend and make my day sunshine-y bright, invite me out to sushi some night! I'll gladly say yes, no matter how poor I am.

Friday, March 14, 2008

If you know me, you probably know...

I want to buy a bunny. I want it to be small, like a Holland Lop or Netherland Dwarf (google image search d00d). However, I was researching giant bunnies and came across THIS:

I can't imagine that hopping around my house. Too weirdly shaped to be that biggggggg. Just something I needed to share.

Also if you know me, you probably know my mom has gone crazy recently. Tonight we had some bonding time by going to the Auto Show at the Convention Center. I had a good time, forrealz. It could be that she bought me a grilled chicken sandwich and a kit kat blizzard :D Or that for once we had nothing to disagree about because what kind of fight are we going to get into about sw33t cars?

Awesome night. The Megz came over to watch some weird show about these hairdressers who trade salons for a few days (like that mom show). One was really into Jesus and the other was an Atheist whose salon served cocktails and had a stripper pole. The best part was that I found a family size box of CORN POPS in my pantry. So I will be enjoying a bowl of those in the morning if I left myself another. My mom is also bringing over this "cocoa beach" granola for me to try... how fitting, since I'll be there in LESS THAN A WEEK.

Ayo Technology

Sooooooooooooo I recently got an RSS feed reader (read: 5 minutes ago) and I'm already in love. I like synchronizing everything in my life into neat little packages. It is just genius how everything works together these days. I wanted to embed my last.fm charts on this thing and it politely asked if I wanted it embedded on Wordpress, Blogger, myspace, etc. That is c00l and handy. I also found out last night that I can get all my email accounts sent to my phone. No more looking at my phone, gmail, and u of m accounts separately. ALL TOGETHER NOW. wOooOOooOOOooowowOWow. And I like how my iGoogle is all customized to the type of news I want to read, a sudoku puzzle, funny cat pictures, quick wiki search, etc. And now also my feeds.

Staying up until 430 last night did not do me well. I skipped the first class in forever (my attendance record was starting to scare me anyway) this morning and I can barely function. My limbs get all noodly and immobile when I'm exhausted like this. My mom is coming to pick me up to go to the AUTO SHOW after she gets off work tonight, meaning I have to start packing at like 3:30, which gives me 2 hours to nap.

Why am I packing, you ask? BECAUSE I WILL BE IN ORLANDO NEXT WEEK, SUCKASSSSSSSSSSSSS. With my most beloved human being, no less. We will be hittin' up the beaches and theme parks hardcore because we are saving major cash by staying with my ever-so-lovely grandparents. I am hoping 1)they will spoil us with all kinds of treats and rides to places and 2)that my grandpa will stop calling Aaron "Knicky from Eukey"... don't ask. I am stoked to refresh my freckles; I have come to terms with the fact that I will not be getting a tan. Freckles are like little concentrated tans I decided. Instead of being a light brown all over, I have dark brown bits. It's c00l, whatever. I won't have wrinkly leather for skin when I get older. And everyone thinks my freckles are real cute anyway :)

Test test test

It would be really cool if this worked to post to my blog all the time. That way I can blog about the c0000l people I ride the bus with before I forget about them when I pull out my laptop for class. Short-term memory is supposed to save 7 chunks of info at one time, but my brain must allow way fewer chunks or I must think faster than lightning because I forget everything immediately.

EDIT: IT WORKED. well, obviously. This opens up a whole new world to me.

I've Been Drinking Arizona Green Tea Out of the Gallon

Yum. Also causing me to be up until 4:00 am. Note: I am waking up at 7:30.

I do not know what I want to do with my life. I wanted to be an event planner for a while, then I started to think about the party lifestyle I'd have to lead. My weeks would lead up to the weekends, and my weekends would never be my own. I don't think I could handle that. I'm quite the homebody. And once I have my own family, I'd rather spend my weekends and evenings with my kids, making them dinner, driving them to practice, and doing sw33t arts and crafts with them.

Speaking of arts and crafts, I've gotten back into my bracelet-making hobby. I used to get in trouble in high school for working on them in all my classes. Basically, though, I rule at doing them. It gives me an easy way to focus on a lecture/phone call while still being productive. And I keep hearing they look profesh. I'll make you one for a small price (or barter - I <3 free non-dorm food). You can choose your colors and width and style and everything.

Pet Peeve of the Day: MY SIDEKICK. It's slowly crumbling. No: backlight, right bumper, or X key (not the keyboard x - this just means I can't get rid of annoying pop-up messages, easily delete unwanted texts and full inboxes, or turn off my alarm with one button). I pay insurance, which you'd think would mean I'd get a new SK fo' free. No, it will cost me $100. I want a new phone that does everything my sk can, and preferrably better. An LX would be nice, but I want to wait and see if everyone that has one starts to have problems in a few months. I want to set up mobile blogging right now, but the G (internet) has decided to not work. I also have a hard time getting reception in my giant lecture halls on west bank if I'm sitting in the back section. And if it's been without service for a while, it takes forever for it to regain it once I get to an a-ok place. For starting in MPLS, the service blows around here sometimes.

Music of the Day: Once OST, Vampire Weekend (actually worth the hype), and The Honorary Title's Scream and Light Up the Sky - I've been looking to d/l this album again since I had it in the summer, months before it officially came out, because I lost it when I transferred all my music from my family computer to my supasick school-issued laptop.